PRIDE PewPew Sticker - 6.56" x 2"

PRIDE PewPew Sticker - 6.56" x 2"

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If you live under a rock, you might not know that June is Pride Month. 
We recognize the struggles the LGBTQ+ community has had and continues to have. To commemorate pride month, we're releasing a very small run of pride-themed PewPew Stickers.

Each sticker is to raise awareness that there IS a community of LGBTQ+ and Straight Allys, who together are training and helping each other. Armed Equality is at the forefront of 2A rights AND LGBTQ+ Rights. 

ALL proceeds will be donated to Armed Equality a group committed to "building a strong and inclusive community of diverse individuals who seek the skills needed to defend their lives. Armed Equality is dedicated to the defense and protection of all Americans, from all walks of life; especially targeted minorities."

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